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Custom Damp Waterproofing Basement Tanking 3
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Custom Damp Waterproofing Basement Tanking 1

Specialists in treating
rising damp, ventilation,
and mould issues.

& Insured


Specialist Remedial Experience

Free Consultations for Owners

How we can help

RDR - Remedial Damp Repair can diagnose damp, water ingress and heritage ageing issues.

These commonly arise as:

  • Damp and musty smelling areas in the home

  • Damage on walls and skirtings from water and salt

  • Powdery bricks and mortar joints

  • Mould throughout rooms

  • Poor sub floor ventilation and wet sub floors

  • High Condensation 

  • Rising damp evident on walls.

  • Water ingress and flooding issues

  • Salt damage to masonry and stone

We can help you diagnose these issues with a free inspection and talk with you about the rectification process of your issue and its effects on your property. Feel free to speak to us directly on 0481 152 625

Our services include:

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