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RDR: Remedial Damp Repair: 
Basement Tanking

Below ground walls can be waterproofed behind the wall (positive) or from the inside of the room (negative side). Typically with excavation costs and the already damp wall. It can make more sense and cost efficiency to deal with the issue from the negative side.
Westox and other companies make a ranges of products that deal with below ground water pressures and water ingress resolution. Remedial Damp Repair have been specialising in walls and floors dealing with differential ground levels and basement tanking methods.
We can deal with individual walls using the encapsulation method, or entire rooms and floors with membranes, sumps and full refitting of finishes to the rooms.

Call on 0481 152 625 or send us a message via the Contact page or click the Free Estimate button below to make an enquiry.

Custom Damp Waterproofing Basement Tanking 1.jpg
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