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RDR - Remedial Damp Repair:

Desalination of salt damaged porous brickwork and stone is a necessity when remediating most porous substrates. Poultices have been around for many years and were typically made up of clay,
Westox has produced a product called Cocoon which is a paper based poultice which has proved excellent in removing soluble contaminants like Chlorides. We can have the walls and poultice tested before, during and after the procedure to quantify the amount of contaminants removed or to be removed from the walls. These core samples have proved excellent in identifying the levels the Chlorides or Sulphates are to be removed from.

Cocoon can be applied in small areas by hand trowel. Or when applying large sections of walls, can be applied via spray. Custom Damp Repair has been using Cocoon on both older and newer buildings in both small and large applications.

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