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RDR: Remedial Damp Repair: 

With Rising Damp being one of the most common issues in older homes, so too is condensation caused by poor ventilation.
Condensation occurs when the vapour in the air condenses on a cold surface and forms moisture droplets. With the habitable homes, moist, warm air above the floor usually being able to transfer or warm the air below the floor, condensation can form and cause a damp under floor environment with musty smells and potentially damp rotting timbers supporting the floors.

Method of repair

Firstly an evaluation needs to be completed as to the extent of the problem, the amount of air flow the sub floor is getting and should be getting and the positions of any existing sub floor ventilation. Then we can evaluate the sizes of any additional vents and their positions or if a ducted mechanical might be the best option to reach problem areas.


Put simply, because every building is different and built at different times, the treatment will then change from one property to the next. With a range of different sized wall vents, mechanical fans and ducting systems available,


Remedial Damp Repair can advise on the best system for your needs and create a solution to suit your budget.

Call on 0439 712 782 or send us a message via the Contact page or click the Free Estimate button below to make an enquiry.

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